Our values

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ATHENA intends to spread the pursuit of excellence as a key value among its consultants. This strives to deliver top quality services is enhanced by a rigorous quality control process which controls among others:

  • The project management
  • The quality of technical services
  • The quality of the deliverables
  • The customer satisfaction



Wisdom as seen by ATHENA is the ability of high-quality thinking. . ATHENA intends to put forward this capacity to reflect at the profit of its clients by developing it among its consultants.  Deeply believing in the uniqueness of each client, ATHENA intends to have consultants who are able to rethink and customize services so that they perfectly meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

Technical know-how

ATHENA considers technical know-how as a fundamental pillar to offer innovative services that can answer issues raised by the use of technologies. Through Technology Watch and regular training, ATHENA aims to maintain a technical know-how that keeps up with the latest IT innovations and concepts.