Our assets

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Project follow-up and management ATHENA has a good know-how in project management across a rich experience in the management of variable-sized and complex projects. We guarantee to our clients (regardless of the size of the project) a rigorous follow-up in order to ensure: The adequacy between the delivered services and the client's request The respect [...] Read More

Our values

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Excellence ATHENA intends to spread the pursuit of excellence as a key value among its consultants. This strives to deliver top quality services is enhanced by a rigorous quality control process which controls among others: The project management The quality of technical services The quality of the deliverables The customer satisfaction   Wisdom Wisdom as [...] Read More
After working for 10 years in the Information Security Services, I realized that a good understanding of the client needs and constraints is one of the most important key success factors on which a service company should provide appropriate service and solutions. From this observation, ATHENA was created in 2007 with the aim of providing [...] Read More


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li { color:#a20c2f; } .container{ width:95%; } ATHENA is a service company specialized in Information Security and governance. Since 2007, ATHENA is supporting its clients in technical, operational and organizational aspects related to its specialization areas. Operating internationally, ATHENA already has 4 branches in : Paris (France) Bucharest (Romania) Tunis (Tunisia) Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of [...] Read More