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Backed by its French partner QSA “Provadys” ATHENA supports your PCI DSS approach and offers the following services:

  • PCI DSS Training:
    • Key Concepts
    • Requirements
    • Implementation of Recommendations
  • Support in the scoping study and defining the scope of your PCI DSS certification project
  • Support in PCI DSS compliance and maintaining of your certification:
    • Gaps identification
    • Policies and procedures development
    • Development of the technical specifications for the acquisition of compliance solutions
  • Recurring Audits your PCI DSS scope:
    • External Penetration Testing (PCI DSS 11.3.1)
    • Internal Penetration Testing (PCI DSS 11.3.2)
    • Internal vulnerability scans (PCI DSS 11.2.1)
    • Wireless access points detection and identification (PCI DSS 11.1)
    • Firewall and router rule sets review (PCI DSS 1.1.7)
  • Mock Audit to prepare for PCI DSS certification